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💎 For Honor 💎

             All accounts are manually checked, which means they are guaranteed to have a purchased game.

Online - Implies a licensed purchased game in the UBISOFT CONNCET service, without third-party offline activator programs.After the purchase you get: 🚩
✅ UPLAY/UBISOFT CONNECT Licensed Gaming account with the game;
✅ For Honor;
✅ Instant delivery of the goods to your mail;
✅ Data of the type: Login:Password;
✅ The language in the game is English, Russian, etc;
✅ Prompt support in case of any questions;
✅ In most cases, bonus games are on the account, but the performance of additional games is not guaranteed;Terms of Use: 🚩
📌 This product is not suitable for Geforce,PlayKey and other cloud services;
📌 Access to mail is not provided;
📌 We do not provide a refund if your PC does not pull the game;
📌 Warranty on the purchased product;
❌ If you do not agree with the terms, please do not buy this product!deliveryattentionThose. Support: 24/7 🚩
📌 Are you having problems with your account?
❌ Do not leave negative feedback until the problem with the product is solved!/attention/delivery
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