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✨After purchase you get:
• Microsoft account with "Minecraft: Java Edition" (login:password)
• Mail linked to a Microsoft account (login:password)
🔥Full access gives you the ability to:
• Change Email
• Change password from Email
• Change your Microsoft account password with Minecraft
• Change nickname (30 days)
• Change skin
• Change security question
We Sell only the MOST SECURE and MOST RELIABLE accounts, and with full access!

Terms of use: 🚩
📌 Please note that you can change your nickname once every 1 month.
📌 We do not provide refunds for purchased goods.
📌 Account replacement is made only if the account becomes inoperable.
📌 Play exclusively through the official launcher. Warranty does not apply to other launchers.
📌 Product Support Warranty
❌ If you do not agree with the rules described above - please do not buy the product.
17.08.2022 18:13:19

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