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Uploaded: 29.09.2022

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After payment you will receive:

1. A unique code that you need to tell the seller in the correspondence on the order.
2. You will also need to provide data to enter your account (mail and password) from your Turkish account (You can create it if not), enable two-factor authentication on your account and throw off one of the backup codes (you need this for a faster login to account)
3. You can find the desired order here by clicking on the order, lower it down until you see the correspondence with the seller.

Activation on accounts that do not have active subscriptions!
1. On your console, you will need to add an additional user account using the username and password from the Turkish account.
2. Return to your old RF account and enjoy the benefits of online games (except for free ones that were previously taken with a PS Plus subscription)
3. Online games will be available to you without restrictions.
4. Subscription games to take to Turkish accounts (Russian is often found in most games)
5. Account activation is possible on the PS4\5 console.

Delivery within 10-60 minutes after providing all the data, delays are possible, but no more than 24 hours.
08.10.2022 22:40:12
29.09.2022 19:19:48
thank you
29.09.2022 11:23:28
27.09.2022 21:06:52
The best seller > is very fas
11.09.2022 10:57:30
08.09.2022 12:05:22
06.09.2022 19:57:09
Все на 5 с плюсом,продовца рекомендую.
03.09.2022 16:27:15
30.08.2022 16:41:24
30.08.2022 15:08:57
Продавец сделал все шикарно и быстро! Спасибо ему. Заслуживает хороший отзыв
29.08.2022 17:57:06
Все быстро, и очень круто, огромное спасибо ребятам

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