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Darksiders Warmastered Edition - Xbox Digital Code
Platform: Xbox One, XBOX Series X|S
Country - TURKEY
Product Key: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Deceived by the forces of evil, War - the first horseman of the Apocalypse - prematurely caused the end of the world, and now he is accused of violating the sacred treaty and starting a war between Heaven and Hell. The bloodshed ended with the victory of the demons. The heavenly forces were defeated, and the Earth was captured.
The Court of the Charred Council found War guilty and stripped him of his powers. But, dishonored and waiting for death, he suddenly gets the opportunity to return to Earth. There, hiding from the vengeance of the angels and fighting the forces of Hell, he will punish the guilty and restore his good name.
Reissue Features:
- Support for 1080p resolution.
- Doubled the resolution of all textures.
- Optimized and redesigned rendering.
- Improved shadow quality.
- Post-processing effects.
- Support for 60 fps.
To activate you need:

1. Download and install Urban VPN browser extension -
Chrome -
Firefox -

2. In the extension, select the country Turkey (the extension is usually located in the upper right corner of the browser)

3. Go to the microsoft page -
- log in if not logged in
- enter the Code received in the letter in the Activation field, click "continue" and activate
- go to the console and download the game from the library

If you need help with activation, please contact me in the online chat before purchasing.

Question - What language is the game in?
Answer - The language of the game depends on the country set in the settings of the set-top box, that is, if you changed the country to Russia after activating the key, then the version for Russia will be downloaded.
Question - Do I need to change the region for consoles in the settings to download the game?
Answer: - No.
Question: Can the game be downloaded only once?
Answer: - No, it can be deleted and downloaded endlessly. The game is considered purchased and available at any time.
Question: - What is a VPN?
Answer: VPN is a PC program or a phone application that replaces the IP address. Simply put, it changes your geolocation to another country so that the site thinks, for example, that you are from Turkey.
14.11.2022 11:10:17
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