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❤️‍🔥50% discount on online medical consultations for employees
The CheckMe service provides online medical consultation services for company employees. The number of appointments is unlimited, in addition to on-duty therapists, there are doctors of 15 narrow specialties and convenient tariff plans for organizations of various sizes.

Now the service offers a 50% discount on all tariffs. Price without discount — from 600 ₽ per employee per year.

How to get a discount:
1️⃣ Click on the purchased promo link
2️⃣Go to the section "About the company".
3️⃣ In the "Select a survey program" column, click the "Submit application" button and indicate your contacts.
4️⃣ A CheckMe specialist will contact you, tell him the code word - and purchase any tariff with a 50% discount.

❗ The product contains a Promo Code and a private unique promo link.
Activate within 15 days after purchase, further claims are not accepted.

Many serious diseases develop asymptomatically and imperceptibly for a person. If you undergo diagnostics once a year, this will help to exclude, detect or prevent violations and cure them at minimal cost.

The examination will exclude or show if you have problems with the cardiovascular system, there are risks of developing cancer and other diseases. Even if there are deviations, in the early stages, most diseases can be prevented and, as a result, the quality and duration of life can be increased. Or confirm that you are healthy and continue to enjoy life.
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