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Super Star Steam Gift Region Free on STEAM
Rare deleted game on Steam
This is a simulation game on the theme of growing a "celebrity".

You are a star agent in show business, as well as a fan of video games and animation. You recently created your own management company and are looking for a talented person. Despite the fact that you have tried very hard, not a single talented person has yet been noticed. At night, you decided to play H-Game to cheer yourself up.
The player needs to play the role of lover and caregiver at the same time, and live with her under the same roof. Your goal is to turn her into a superstar in three years. In the process, you should arrange training, part-time jobs, performances, etc. in her schedule in accordance with her situations. The two of you are meant to be attracted to each other as the game progresses, as well as being on the social networks of other show business celebrities, as well as competing with Tianhuang Entertainment, the industry giant.
Instructions for activating the STEAM gift:

1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed)
2. Register a new Steam account or log in to an existing one.
3. The link received after purchase must be copied and pasted into your Internet browser, log in under your Steam account and accept the gift to your LIBRARY or add it to your INVENTORY.
4. After activation, the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it from steam.
Have a nice game, I would appreciate your feedback
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