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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$15 the discount is 1%
$30 the discount is 2%
$50 the discount is 3%
$75 the discount is 4%
$100 the discount is 7%
$150 the discount is 10%
$200 the discount is 15%
$250 the discount is 20%
$350 the discount is 25%

New Steam account (empty) with selected region and full access to home mail

⚡You can pay at any time of the day or night, you DO NOT need to send a unique Digiseller code and / or wait for the Seller´s response.

✔️ After purchase, you will receive:
• Login and password from the Steam account
• Country of registration: chosen by you
• Shop currency: depends on the selected region
• Login and password from mail ( \ Yandex \ Rambler \ Outlook \ Firstmail)
• Detailed F.A.Q. on use
• Limit account (To access the trading platform, you need to top up your balance by $5, more details - )
• You are the original owner of this account
• Product format: steam:pass:mail:pass
• Profile configured (Nickname, URL, Avatar)

❗ATTENTION❗For the correct display of the currency specified in the product description, you need to use a VPN (any free one will do) with the IP address of the country of the account (only for purchases, no VPN is required to download and run games)⚠️ Information \ rules:• The seller DOES NOT store data after the sale
• The buyer is obliged to ensure the security of the account by changing all data after the purchase by mail and on Steam (change passwords, link the phone, enable Steam Guard, set a secret question)
• In no case should you even try to replenish your Steam account with a bank card if the region of issue of your card differs from the region of your Steam account - 100 BAN
• You cannot gift a game on Steam to your personal account or a friend´s account if your/friend´s region is different from the region of the Steam account purchased from us
• The seller, in case of loss, theft of accounts or property from them, does not provide assistance in returning lost funds, restoring or replacing goods
• We do not make a refund, only a replacement in case of inoperability of the account with an identical product
• For any problems, please contact "Correspondence with the seller"

❗ By purchasing a product, you automatically agree with the description and terms \ rules./delivery
📌 How do I change my email to my own?1. Log in to the Steam client, from the Steam menu in the upper left corner, select "Settings" ("Preferences" on Mac computers). In the "Account" tab, click "Change contact email address".
2. Send a request to the mail of the purchased account, and enter it
3. Steam Support will send a letter with a code to the mail of the purchased account. Do not close the Steam window until you receive an email.
4. Enter the code into the Steam window and a new mail, you´re done!

Yes, you can add your personal friend account to the one purchased from us and share the purchased game through Steam Family Sharing.
So a game purchased on a regional account will be in the library of your personal account
All games on both accounts will be available without switching accounts. Steam´s policy towards sanctioned countries is subject to change.
This feature is disabled in some games (See Steam page)

1. Purchasing a Steam Wallet Card. Funds will be converted to Kazakh Tenge (KZT)
2. Replenishment via QIWI. Convert rubles to tenge, In the settings, make tenge the main currency of QIWI, in the search, find the replenishment service, enter "Steam (Kazakhstan)" and follow the instructions
3. Replenishment via WebMoney
4. Steam marketplace. Buying an item on a third-party site and selling it on Steam (TP activation required)
5. Automatic replenishment through my service -

👉 For other countries: gift cards, marketplace, refill services/delivery
30.05.2023 11:04:22
Все ок
28.05.2023 23:15:58
21.05.2023 13:30:43
18.05.2023 19:19:12
Всё отлично работает )
08.05.2023 16:32:24
Всё отлично! Данные приходят автоматически, сразу после оплаты.
20.04.2023 10:25:48
Все ок
15.04.2023 6:31:42
Все отлично!
11.04.2023 12:32:10
10.04.2023 17:40:24
Все четко. Аккаунту полгода. Без проблем пополнил через киви и купил интересующие игры.
До этого пытался пополнять другие кз акки казахской картой - сразу ловил бан :(
05.04.2023 18:31:42
все супер, акк пришел моментально
31.03.2023 23:45:02
Всё отлично!
30.03.2023 15:19:42
Все работает. Спасибо.
30.03.2023 15:06:39
Быстро и качественно.
29.03.2023 0:27:24
Я купил у этого продавца пришел аккаунт стима и не обманул рекомендую этого продавца
25.03.2023 20:20:09
Быстро надежно !)
25.03.2023 18:26:54
empty steam account as advertised, works perfect!!
24.03.2023 22:13:49
Все отлично! Все данные на аккаунт переданы. Уже купил игру на него и играю. Все происходит моментально. Спасибо дорогой человек. И за промик спасибо. Буду обращаться и рекомендовать.
24.03.2023 19:23:31
Все быстро и работает:)
24.03.2023 15:19:49
Все отлично.
21.03.2023 20:51:54
Все отлично
21.03.2023 20:19:04
Absolutely working !
21.03.2023 18:24:55
Все отлично и быстро, рекомендую!
19.03.2023 20:21:20
Все отлично! Аккаунт пришел моментально Все работает. Никаких проблем
18.03.2023 23:12:32
Все хорошо
18.03.2023 18:03:35
Приобрел новый аккаунт. Данные пришли моментально, все хорошо)
16.03.2023 19:39:47
Акк рабочий, как и заказывал - пришёл Казахстан
15.03.2023 22:33:20
Все отлично работает!)
13.03.2023 17:57:45
Пришло все быстро, советую данного продовца
13.03.2023 10:50:09
Всё прошло отлично
12.03.2023 18:04:24
12.03.2023 12:39:44
Покупал турецкий акк 08.03.2023, всё хорошо, пополнять кошелёк и совершать покупки можно было сразу
11.03.2023 16:36:46
Всё гуд. Увидев имя селлера Сейтер, вопрос о качестве продукта сразу отпал.
10.03.2023 16:12:44
Всё отлично,спасибо!
09.03.2023 21:05:13
все отлично
08.03.2023 9:46:46
Все пришло, нареканий нет
08.03.2023 5:35:36
Всё ok, приятно иметь дело

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