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DIPLOMA Deposit operations of a commercial bank on the example of Nizhny Novgorod branch of APB "Solidarity", 2007



1. Theoretical bases of formation deposit policy COMMERCIAL BANKS 7

1.1. Commercial bank: basic concepts, features, bank 7

Resources 7

1.2. Classification of deposit operations of commercial banks 16

1.3. Formation of the deposit policy of commercial banks 27

in the management of bank resources 27

2. Analysis of status and trends of deposit operations BANKS ON THE EXAMPLE OF NF APB "Solidarity" 38

2.1. The quantitative characteristics of the banking sector 38

2.2. The role of deposits as an important source of funding for Russian banks 41

2.3. Analysis of the factors determining the dynamics and structure of the market deposits 48

2.4. The development of new types of deposit services 63

2.5. Organizational-economic characteristics of the Nizhny Novgorod branch of APB "Solidarity" 71

2.6. Analysis of deposit operations NF APB "Solidarity" 78

3. Improvement of deposit operations APB NF "Solidarity" 87

3.1. Measures to improve deposit operations 87

3.2. Cost-effectiveness of deposit operations 93




The relevance and practical significance of the chosen topic is determined by the fact that the overwhelming part of the resources of commercial banks is not formed due to own and attracted funds.

It should be noted that the formation of the deposit policy in our country have been neglected. This was due to the fact that the demand for banking services is much higher than supply in the high inflation and the availability of cheap resources - all of these conditions ensures a high rate of return of banking operations. Reduced profit margins due to increased competition and the disappearance of traditional sources of income such as inter-bank loans and transactions in the futures exchange market has made the formation of deposit policy of commercial banks in terms of optimizing the structure of borrowed funds and lower interest raskho¬dov them the number one issue.

Problems of development of the banking system have recently received publicity at the highest governmental level. The main reasons for the low demand for banking services to the population - poorly developed branch network, the lack of information among the population about bank products, the lack of availability.

However, the expected entry of Russia into the WTO in 2007 - a significant challenge for the national banking system. Competition from foreign banks, are actively seeking to booming Russian market promises to be very sharp.

The goal of graduate studies is to develop proposals for improving the commercial bank deposit operations in the strengthening of its economic stability and efficiency.

The object of research is the deposit activities of Nizhny Novgorod branch APB "Solidarity"

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