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Author: R. Weiner, L. Pinson.

Title: C ++ within.

Pages: 294.

This book is a collection of examples with accompanying explanations that illustrate the most important features of the C ++ language with a focus on solving the problems of object-oriented. Programmers who make use of C ++, can significantly speed up the process of learning, if they have the sight of a well-written program, accompanied by clear commentary that allow a step by step to master the techniques of programming in C ++.

The main purpose of the book is to demonstrate the advantages of object-oriented programming and to promote the use of object-oriented features of C ++. The detailed review of the latest features of C ++, including multiple inheritance, which is the subject of a section containing many examples.

The book has a number of "what if" that anticipate the questions that may arise in the reader. These questions allow more detailed study of the subject under consideration.

This book is designed for professional programmers, computer specialists, students computers, head of programmers and engineers who want to make full use of the C ++ language.

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