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Uploaded: 02.08.2008

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Chit coach works not only in the network game, but in the ordinary!

! This cheat will build specifically for single player and SA for SA: MP.

! This cheat cheat kills server.

! Admins can detect the use minigun or katana!

! If you are banned not been challenged, I warned. Choose another server and play!

************************************************** ******


* F12 main menu.

* F11 give menu.

* F10 teleport menu.

* This are the features you can change

* In the menu to config the hack.

* Use the down arrow at the top to adjust the menu.

* Use the right to the left to activate the option.

************************************************** *******


* Nitro = END

* Flip = Page Down

* Airbreak = Numpad 7

* Spin Function = Numpad 5

Good game!

* Self destruction = F3
Optimal variant unzip files in the directory with the game, run V0gelz Mod v3.exe open EXE file and says he is ready for connection to the server, click OK, and then connect to the server.
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