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The book Faith Smith "origin of the central banks," leads us to overestimate the prevailing ideas of our monetary system and encourages consider the arguments in favor of reform.


Chapter I


Chapter II

The development of central banking in England.

Chapter III

The Scottish system

Chapter IV

The development of central banking in France.

Chapter V

The banking business in America: decentralization in the absence of freedom

Chapter VI

The development of a centralized banking system in Germany.

Chapter VII

Theoretical debates in England and America in the period up to 1848 -

Chapter VIII

Discussions in France and Belgium.

Chapter IX

The debate in Germany

Chapter X

The debate in Britain since 1848

Chapter XI

The debate in the United States in the period before the establishment of the Federal Reserve System

Chapter XII

An overview of the arguments in favor of Central Banking


On the functioning of the "automatic mechanism" credit control
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