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In the book the popular TV models of 2000-2005. release of well-known manufacturers and trade marks: JVC, Elenberg, Miyota, Philips, Polar, Premiera, Rolsen, Samsung Electronics, Super, Viewsonic, Vitek, Falcon. Total viewed 10 television chassis, which produced more than 30 models of CRT TVs (LCD panel) from 5 to 27 inches.

For each chassis are a circuit diagram and description of all its constituent parts, the typical method of their faults and troubleshooting, as well as the procedure for adjusting the nodes TVs in the service mode to be done after repair. In addition, the application provides information on the TV to malfunction from the practice of repair service technician.

The book is intended for professionals involved in the repair of television technology, as well as for radio amateurs who are interested in this topic.

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