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In the next book of the popular series describes modern DVD-players the most "sold" on the domestic market brand: BBK, DVTech, Rolsen Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Philips.

The authors provide circuit solutions for systems and components "typical" DVD-player on the basis of specialized chipsets.

For each model, given the structure and concept, a detailed description of all of its components and the procedure for adjusting the knots. The practical value of the book is a detailed description of the types of faults, the method of troubleshooting.

The book is intended for professionals involved in the repair of television technology and a wide range of radio.

In preparing the book benefited magazine "Repair & Service" in 2005-2006.

Author: NA Tyunin Rodin AV

Year: 2007

Pages: 116

Format: djvu

Series: "Repair", issue 96

Russian language
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