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Content: pro_evolution_soccer_2009.rar (1.27 MB)
Uploaded: 13.12.2008

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Original title: Pro Evolution Soccer ™ 2009

Year: 2008

Development and publication of:

Genre: Simulation Football

Languages: English

Support for Java Platform Micro Edition 2

Screen resolution 176x208 / 176x220 / 240x320


-The Official licensed UEFA Champions League

-Zvezdnye Players and teams of different leagues and cups

-Great Graphics and animation

-Just Ball physics

-Izmenyayuschayasya Weather

Is a convenient single-button control

-Multiplayer Via Bluetooth
In order to download the game to your phone:

1. Connect your phone to the computer using a USB-cable / Bluetooth-adapter or other methods or connect the phone's memory card through a card reader.

2. Using special software (for example, Nokia PC Suite / Sony Ericsson PC Suite / Samsung PC Studio) you upload to the appropriate * .jar file in the phone's memory (for example, a folder on phones Other Sony Ericsson), or a memory card.

3. Find the * .jar file on your phone and otkyvaem it.

4. After that, either immediately start the game, or the phone will install it and add a shortcut to it in the section of installed applications.

5. Run the shortcut and play.

CAUTION For Samsung phones may also need the * .jad file in addition to the * .jar. To create such a file, you can use, for example, the free program JAD Maker 1.15 (70 Kb).

The archive includes three versions of the game for these permits.

Tested by me on the Nokia 5300 Xpress Music with sound in a resolution 240x320.

Archive size: 1.27 MB

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