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Suppose that you - the administrator 1C. The man who worked until you quit and did not leave the administrator password information base. Or you come back from vacation and realized that you forgot your password. Or are you - an employee of the company, the franchisee and you have a customer base for the analysis of the problem, but forgot to learn the user's password with administrative rights.

In all these cases, you will help our program.

The demo version of the software you can download on the links:

The developer of the software itself is the seller.
The program is intended to recover forgotten / lost passwords in IB 1C Enterprise 8.0.

The program is designed for the file, and SQL versions of IB.

To use with SQL, you must know the administrator password SQL database.

For 1C 8.1:

100% uptime of our software for 1C Enterprise 8.1, we can not guarantee. Therefore, to not worry about the money spent, you should:

1. Contact the seller through the "Web Messenger"

2. Obtain from the seller a utility that can be derived from that part of the information base, which stores users.

3. Use the utility to unload user data to a file.

4. Send the file to e-mail, which the seller tells you during a call.

5. These data are processed, and you are given a table that lists the names of users, indicating that the passwords are fairly well known, and in which they could be obtained.
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