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Uploaded: 07.05.2009

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The archive RAR:

PSD 20x30 (20,3h30,5; 3602h2398; 300dpi; 90,1mb)

PSD 10x15 (10,2x15,2; 1205x1795; 300dpi; 25,1mb)

PNG 20x30 (20,3h30,5; 3602h2398; 300dpi; 15,2mb)

PNG 10x15 (10,2x15,2; 1205x1795; 300dpi; 4,47mb)

+ Preview in JPEG.

Weight archive 90,8mb, after unpacking 140mb.

All-frame without the overhead portrait.
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Full-size image (300dpi) you can see here:

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