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The procedure for dissolution of marriage in the registry office and the courts, the procedure for collecting child support, a parent or a spouse in need, the procedure for concluding the marriage contract and the division of marital property - the theme of this book. The main theme of the book - the consequences of marriage and divorce, children and parents. However, it also provides detailed information on how to appeal to the court: the composition of claim with examples, case management in court, your rights and responsibilities, how to behave at the hearing, the procedure for appealing court decisions, dates, etc.

This book of the series "sue". It examines the question of how to protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens in family relations and upon dissolution of marriage. These issues discussed in the perspective of settlement of the case in court. This book will help you prepare to conduct the case in court without the assistance of an attorney or you can serve the instructions for use.
MN Dolgov, pdf - format, 216 pp., 2008.
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