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This collection contains 20 000 fonts Russian and English. They fit perfectly for all applications in which there is a text (Word, Exel, Access, Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.) This file contains the image. The fonts are installed, not all at once. Before you install the fonts in the system folder (C: \\ WINDOWS \\ Fonts), they can be viewed and set right.
Format: ISO

Year: 2008

Quantity: 20000sht

Language: Russian + Search result

Platform: Absolutely all OC

Description: A huge collection of various fonts for Windows.

Now you can write a letter to your loved one's handwriting Pushkin himself. Or play friends by sending a message drawn up by a font that mimics the carved letters Izzy newspapers and magazines. Arrange your photos beautiful handwritten font.

Extras. Info:

Latin classic fonts

Latin exotic fonts

Latin Script Fonts

Russian classic fonts

Russian exotic fonts

Russian handwritten fonts

Character fonts
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