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"Sniper vs. Sniper" - the first book of M. Lonsdale and the third in a series of books, united under the name "The library special forces." This book is intended primarily for the military and counter-terrorism and other special law enforcement units that specialize as a sniper. However, it is useful to managers and other staff departments, solving the problem of disposal and neutralization of terrorists and other perpetrators of illegal acts of violence, hostage-taking and all kinds of objects, and armed resistance to law enforcement authorities.

The book gives general guidelines for the selection of candidates for the role of Special Forces snipers, select the appropriate weapons and equipment, some information about ballistics and basic requirements for the position of the sniper, given the ready to fire, clarified some issues working sniper tactics and stuff. Shooting exercises for snipers are given in Chapter 8 of the previous book M.Lonsdeyla "advanced training with weapons." In general, the book is general in nature, apparently in the hope that special forces snipers have the opportunity to improve their training under the supervision of qualified instructors, or yourself, using available training materials. This publication may be useful for managers, trainers and the entire personnel of special units.
In addition, you get a FREE e-book on this topic, namely:

Bonus №1: "handguns, small arms special forces." Author: Victor Varganov

Bonus №2 "Small arms and light podgotovka.Terminologichesky dictionary". Author: Victor Varganov

MAIN BONUS: PRACTICAL TRAINING Sniper (full course). PROTIVOSNAYPERSKIE security measures.
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