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NOTE: We only sell the PIN.

On the possibility to use the services ask the provider.

If this is not possible, do not buy the goods.


PROPUSK 10/10 Skip


Your purchase will be equivalent to the acquisition card, corresponding to the nominal value,

which is intended to pay for services provided by the company ip-tel (IP-Tel).

After payment you will receive a serial number, PIN activation period.


* Internet access: *

1. Access numbers in Moscow: 70-8902 and 609-1112

2. Login - the first seven digits of the PIN

3. Password - the last five digits of the PIN


* How to call: *

1. Dial the access number in Moscow 710-8901 or 609-1111

2. Set your phone to tone mode (usually button *)

3. Enter the PIN code

4. To call on Russia and Kazakhstan, type: 8 + area code + phone number

for calls to other countries, dial: 810 + country code + area code + phone number

5. To speed up the start of the connection at the end of dialing, press *

click to clear ##

to repeat the last dialed number, press #


Read the terms of service provision, monitor and

fill up your personal account on the site you can, using

free internet access by login and password propusk propusk


Phone Technical Support 363-9699


E-mail support (co-ba-ka)
The deadline for claims: one month from the date of sale.

If you have any complaints, please send a message to rambo (co-ba-ka) and Kipper WMID 006531956175.

Enter your WMID, account number, product name, ID product, phone number.
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