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I'm sure many of you have not seen all sorts of different funny photos of friends, friends of Photoshop where they are either in a chaotic manner walk the same room as much in triplicate, or standing in an embrace with popular stars of show business or the old TV show on the transfer of 1967 .. or their photos hanging on the advertising banner in the center of your city .. or they're sitting next to the first person in the country receiving the White House !!

And each time you visit the emotions along the following lines: "Wai cool !, It's like !!?" ; "That's what I want !!!" etc. And often do not believe that this INSTALLATION !!

But they, radish, about it are silent, as the Soviet partisans in "Gestapo" in the days of the Second World :)

Surely you think that the creation of such "masterpieces" need incredible knowledge of design and graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel PHOTO-PAINT, etc.

YES Not at all !!! Often, what you see and you think that the creation of this masterpiece fotozhopa need excellent knowledge of a whole day of work, you are wrong !!! In 95% of cases, none at all Photoshop is not needed !!! And in the remaining 5% is sufficient basic knowledge of these programs !!!

SO! Now you have a unique opportunity to rivet hundreds of MASTERPIECES FROM ITS faces just a few minutes !!! With no knowledge What or graphics and design software is not required !!! You only need the ability to enter the address into your browser, and 2 times (!!!), click the left mouse button !!!

In foreign Internet has long existed a free service that makes you "Stars of show business" in just 2 ACTION !! The entire process takes only 15-20 Seconds !!!

These services work like this:

1) You go to the site, select the desired effect;

2) upload their photos

3) After 5-15 seconds, this masterpiece opens with your photo !!!

Begins to impress his friends already from tomorrow !!!

1. It's not just patterns in which "on the ball" Your face is inserted, the output graphics PROFESSIONAL LEVEL (the newest intelligent graphics processing technology), if the person to whom you show the photo you do not know it is not defined that it is generally INSTALLATION!

2. Immediately after payment you receive a text file with a reference to one of these the highest quality service available to more than 150 (!!!) effects!

3. If you have any questions or difficulty you can always contact wash away with, I guarantee you prompt consultation.

Yours faithfully,

Albert Nagimov
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