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Database of Russian importers and exporters of fish and seafood (group HS - 03 *).

The database contains information on 1,723 companies.

Information Structure:

- Company name

- State registration codes (OKPO and TIN)

- Name of the Company

- District and region of location of the enterprise

- Addresses and means of communication now

- Nomenclature of imports or exports (HS Code)

- The country - manufactured goods

You acquire the data is stored in a zip archive, which consists of seven text files that after the payment will be available to you. Running the shell with a search service import and combine data, which can be downloaded for free from the server, you can download it bought information.

Developed within the framework of inforce technology allows you to combine different databases Agency Bink into a single data set. Using this service, you get a unique database with unlimited searching, editing, adding and combining information.

To familiarize with the work program can be registered on your server in the DEMO mode or by downloading from the server search shell samples and examples. Shell with a search service import and combine data, as well as examples implemented by the Agency Bink database can be found on the link

Search inforce the shell allows you to:

1. search by:

- The name of the enterprise

- State registration code (OKPO and TIN)

- The names and the name of heads of enterprises or other contact persons

- Address the enterprise

- Means of communication, including the Internet

- The nomenclature of goods sold and services

- Headings price lists companies

- The manufacturer of the goods.

2. Edit standing to the database information

3. Adding data on other companies

4. Self-expanding commodity nomenclature Dictionary

5. Prepare several kinds of text reports

6. Must have information about companies in the format Exel.

Software for commercial and demo mode - the same.

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