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Wedding Toasts

Toast-wishes for happiness and health

Congratulations and toasts for women

Congratulations and toasts for real men and friends

Holidays and anniversary toasts and congratulations

Toasts assorted "after drinking a liter"



Riddles, proverbs, sayings, aphorisms worldly wisdom

For centuries the great importance attached to family and other household


The very day of the wedding is called "green wedding". Remember

that time brings about changes in people's rites. Other cancels and non-

which gives new content. It is a tradition among young people per day

"Green wedding" to come to the monument to soldiers who died during the Great

Patriotic War

The first anniversary of the marriage marked as "calico wedding". On this day

They portrayed the wife of one another calico kerchiefs.

The five-year anniversary is called "wooden wedding" - jubilee dari-

Do different wooden things.

This was followed by "zinc Wedding". It is celebrated with six

half years. The name recalls that marriage must be of time

us "gloss" on galvanized dishes, which on this day

They gave spouses.

Six months later came the "Copper Wedding" - seven years. Husband and wife

exchanged with copper coins.

"Tin wedding" - the so-called eighth anniversary. Guests and rodstve-

CENI brought a gift shiny kitchen utensils made of tin - baking, photo-

RMU cake.

Day of decades of family life bore the poetic name "Rose Day".

Five years - "Glass Wedding"

Twentieth crowned "porcelain wedding".

Twenty-five years - the famous "silver wedding".

Thirtieth govovschina - "pearl wedding".

Fortieth - "Ruby".

The fiftieth anniversary - "golden wedding".

Increases the term matrimony, it changed the "quality" of commemorative Least

Considerations - due to the strength or value of the subject matter of symbolism. Silver

and golden wedding celebrated with particular splendor. 10 years after

Gold celebrated "diamond wedding" - 60 years. On a day when

was executed 67 and a half years from the date of the wedding, arranged "chamber

mennaya wedding ". Fraction of anniversaries of difficult to explain: most

all they are connected with ancient beliefs, the 70th anniversary called "blagodat-

tion "and the 75th anniversary -" the wedding of the crown. "

And now proceed directly to the celebratory toast that Examples

nyato spouse or to congratulate the newlyweds.

Wear a gold ring,

It should be printed on the certificate ...

Well, the young wife,

We are in the day you wish?

That music was in the house,

That alone was not boring,

Live together, wondering

That happiness was - full house!

Love take care of trusting, watchful,

Only at the wedding

Let it be you


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