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All the most famous Kabbalists West as medieval and modern, considering the pentagram, or five-pointed star, as a microcosm, a six-pointed double triangle - as the macrocosm. Eliphas Levi (Abbe Constant) and, in our opinion, Khunrath, one of the greatest occultists of the past, give its reasons such representations. In the book, Hargrave Jennings 'Rosicrucians' shows the correct image of the microcosm with the man at the center of the pentagram. We have no objections to the statement of reasoning above-mentioned persons, except for one thing - the lack of space in our magazine, because it should give a huge amount of esoteric concepts. However, there is always room for correction of natural errors which may arise in the minds of some of our readers because of the forced brevity editorial notes. While the issues involved do not cause an increased interest, these notes only superficially related to all of the details. Published higher brilliant work "The six-pointed and five-pointed star" Krishna Shankar Lalshankara - and valuable remarks contained in it, give us the opportunity to correct such errors the author of this article.
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