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NOTE: We only sell the PIN.

And we guarantee its accuracy.

On the possibility to use the services ask the provider.

If this is not possible, do not buy the goods.


Your purchase will be equivalent to the purchase card "WEEK-END" by Elvis Telecom.

After payment you will receive the serial number, number, PIN-code (SSSS-NNNNN-PIN).

Map "Week-end" provides unlimited (unlimited) access to the Internet in just one week-end'a (from 22:00 on Friday to 08:00 on Monday). The card must be activated for the selected Saturday and Sunday or during the week prior to these days.

<<<< ************* >>>>

The map is designed to operate a single user.

When you try to use the login and password Internet card several polzovatelemi,

the system will block your access without notice and without the possibility of continuing the work.

<<<< ************* >>>>

Telephone support service: (095) 777-2464, 152-9779

Phones modem pool: 745-2282, 745-4048,974-6273,755-9988.

To activate, use the guest access: Login "new", password "user".

Activation maps produced at: -> -> -> ->


Complete information on the site

The deadline for claims: Ten days of purchase.
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