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Good day dear buyers!

We present our key to create a game account on the European servers World of Warcraft + 40 days of the game!

By activating this key you can play both the European World of Warcraft accounts and on Russian servers

only need to change the language in WoW Launcher. The key includes 30 days of game + 10 if you first create a trial account.

Insktruktsiya use: - link to create Account.

For an additional 10 days of free play, pre-register the guest account on the link:, then you need to extend it bought the main key. Total 40 days of game time!

Please note that when using a master key

you can use the 60 day time card payment

possession, or pay by credit card,

In this case, you still get 30 days of free games
Caution If you still do not have an account World of warcraft or you want to "upgrade" your Burning Crusade

account before Wrath of the Lich king then you can buy the keys here: - WOW BURNING CRUSADE CD-Key EU (Euro) - WOW Gold - Any number of All Rus serv.

After purchasing, please pay us a grain of your time and leave your review!

Reviewed you can always leave at, where you can always see the items that are already purchased, or add / edit review.

Believe me it is very important for our future work and reputation.

Thanks in advance!
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