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We present you the addon (supplement) to the World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade! :

Each person who bought The Burning Crusade gets a unique CD-KEY, which is used

any WoW game account and "upgrade" this account ( opening up new opportunities, the main brief call:

With the release of The Burning Crusade:

players open land Outland

introduced new races Blood Elves (Horde) and Drenei (Alliance)

Horde Paladins received (Blood Elves) and the Alliance shamans (Drenei)

the maximum level of the characters in the game is raised to 70

the game has a unique flying mounts (mounts)

revised and redesigned PvP system of ranks

introduced PvP arena with a unique rating system

reduced the maximum possible number of members of the raid from 40 to 25

poyavilas new profession Jewelcrafting

introduced a fundamentally new type of objects Socketed Items

and of course a lot of new monsters, quests, spells, talents and dungeons

as well as many other new products and add-ons!

************************************************** *****

Immediately after payment you get the code (text) original key (CD KEY) Activation WoW: The Burning Crusade

Caution you must have installed in the computer game World of Warcraft (EURO)

Caution Download the client can be in the euro of.sayte WoW: http: //
Caution If you still do not have an account World of warcraft or you want to "upgrade" your Burning Crusade

account before Wrath of the Lich king then you can buy the keys here: - WoW cd-key + 30 day - WOW Gold - Any number of All Rus serv.

After purchasing, please pay us a grain of your time and leave your review!

Reviewed you can always leave at, where you can always see the items that are already purchased, or add / edit review.

Believe me it is very important for our future work and reputation.

Thanks in advance!
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